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  • Need Something to Do in Rochester? Find Coupon Deals on Restaurants, Events, and Shopping

    Searching for fun things to do in Rochester, NY? You have plenty of options. With the warm weather in Rochester approaching, you can take advantage of the various outdoor events and places in Rochester to enjoy the spring and summer. To see what’s happening each week and what will fit the budget for you and […]

  • Unemployed in Rochester? Three Things You Can Do

    Did you know that, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, the Rochester area added 1,900 jobs since last January? They also note that employment is typically at its lowest levels in January and February, so it’s likely that a few months down the line, this number will be even higher. %3Cbr%3E It’s not impossible to […]

  • Four Reasons Why You Should Visit the Rochester Zoo This Summer

    With so many things to see in Rochester, it can be hard to decide where to go. Many people like to go wherever they have Rochester coupons for. However, one place that you absolutely can’t miss out on is the Rochester zoo. If you feel like zoos just aren’t your thing, think again. Here are […]

  • Zoo Brrrew: Three Events Worth Checking Out This Winter

    Not sure what to do in Rochester this week? Why not chat with the Vice President? Joe Biden, Vice President of the U.S., is visiting Monroe Community College this week to discuss workforce development and education with students, staff, and local residents. %3Cbr%3E No matter what end of the political spectrum you fall on, there […]

  • Three Fun Things to Do in Rochester That Won’t Rob Your Wallet

    Rochester is a cold city, and things are unlikely to warm up anytime soon. Now that the holidays have passed, many people are going to start getting the stir-crazy feeling that happens after you’ve sequestered yourself in a room with a space heater blowing right next to you, watching reruns on Netflix, for too many […]

  • Amazing Local Deals That Your Family Can Enjoy

    It’s easy to understand why someone living in Rochester may want to put their city down from time to time. New York State is huge. On one hand, you’ve got amazing cities like New York and Buffalo. On the other, there the Adirondack Mountains, Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes. However, that doesn’t mean that […]