Local Dentist Explains Why Vaping Is Dangerous for Teeth – Do I Need Braces?

ese patients are typically older and have been smoking for years. But young patients are showing dental damage from vaping. Most patients are of vulnerable times, including teens or even adolescence.

While teens vape all through the day and could refill the cartridge easily and quickly, they are at risk for developing issues with their periodontal health. One of the most common problems teens face in their dental health is dry mouth, as smoking vapes can slow the development of saliva. This puts the teeth at risk of decay and tooth loss. Additionally, missing teeth can cause tooth loss. Some flavored vapes are also exactly as harmful to your teeth as certain candies and alcohols that are acidic. Though a dentist near you may know that vaping can lead to dental problems, many doctors and medical experts don’t know the amount of damage vaping could cause. A dentist could offer a replacement for saliva for mouthwash, such as mouthwash if you have dry lips from vaping.


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