Energy Efficiency Tips to Save on Utility Bills – Money Saving Amanda

heating: 14%

Appliances: 13%

Lighting: 9 – 10%

Technology for Television and the Media 4 to 5%

Knowing this information, along with knowing the recommended guidelines to use equipment within the house, will allow homeowners to do their part to reducing energy consumption. Let’s look at this scenario:

Air conditioning and heating: Adjust thermostat to 78F in the summer season, and 68F in the winter.

Water heater: Set water temperature at 120F or less.

Appliances: Fill refrigerators to capacity, but don’t overload them. In summer months, cook with ovens only as minimally as you are able to.

Lighting: Replace the incandescent light bulbs by LED bulbs. LED bulbs will last longer than bulbs incandescent, use significantly less energy and provide higher quality lighting.

Similar advice is applicable to TVs, electronics, as well as other equipment for media: Turn it off when the device is not being used. To get specifics on in regards to energy efficiency practices for your house, take a look at these guidelines.

Check Your Roof

Maintaining the roof of your home is an important part of the energy efficiency practices of your home, which will require an inspection to reveal its condition. Is it possible to determine what repairs to the roof are required for a specific area or whether a total roof replacement is required? In any case is, you should think about whether eco-friendly, coated vents or coatings will be required. The contact with a roofing firm can greatly assist in providing homeowners with advice on what will be the best solutions.

The Cool Roof company can tell you how using the roof coating over traditional paint is a great way to reduce the temperature inside your home. This is because coatings prevent the roof from getting hot. They also can advise using metal roofing is extremely energy efficient due to the fact that metal absorbs light opposed t


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