Can a 5 Year Old Go to a Concert? How to Plan an Outdoor Music Experience for Kindergarteners – Arts and Music PA

This is the time to market the event. An online ticket-selling platform is one of the easiest and most secure ways to announce live performances. The majority of people get notifications and ads from ticket-selling platforms since they’re interested about the kind of shows or shows that are that are coming to their region. Tickets-selling platforms are also in charge of managing ticket sales like checking out, making sure you don’t oversell, and providing features such as discounts, VIP access, event notifications, and so on.

It is possible to use a ticket selling platform, radio stations as well as word of mouth. Local advertising is also available through billboards. Radio shows are the best option since each person who listens to a radio program has already been specifically targeted to this particular niche. In the case of, say, if you hire a performer who does hip hop then placing an ad on a hip-hop radio station means that you’re placing your message in front of people already keen on hip-hop.

For the summation, make sure that the concert can be enjoyed by children as young as kindergarten. It’s crucial that you start off with an idea of your goal first before locating your talent later. Once you have that, make sure to secure a venue, plan for the space needed as well as a precise date and time, then engage vendors and staff in order to put on the best possible concert to your fans!


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