The Different Types of Industrial Air Compressors – How Old Is the Internet

For industrial and commercial air compressors. You may want to start by understanding the options available! The video below explains the various kinds of industrial air compressors as well as the functions they serve in various situations and settings.

An industrial-sized compressor of a large size is used for applications that require constant airflow. This commercial-grade rotary screw is designed for continuous operation without overheating. The motors are two screw heads rotating in opposing directions , to force air into their grooves.

A scroll compressor is a different form of industrial compressor. It uses two scrolls with a spiral shape to compress air without using oil. This can be a benefit when it is necessary to prevent oil contaminations such as in the water treatment plant and winery.

Even though these two compressors may not be ideal however, they’re both excellent options when you’re in an appropriate setting. If you’re looking to learn a little bit more about compressors, how they work, and how to make use of them, check out the video, or check out the hyperlinks for further information!


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