The Basics of Digital Marketing – Absolute SEO

ROI is the term used to describe Return on investment. This video will explain the basic concepts of digital marketing and how it could help your company grow.

Digital marketing starts by understanding your customer. Before you start developing a plan, it is essential to understand the people who are using your product or service and why they are doing so. You also need to understand their needs and wants, what they are looking for when it comes to online marketing, and what they’re expecting of any particular marketing campaign. Be aware that each person has their own interests and different requirements. What may work for one person may not be the case for another.

After you’ve completed this step be sure to define your success indicators. It will help you determine the metrics you’d like to track. This can be anything from click-through rates (CTRs) and the conversion rate to engagement rates. Once you’ve identified those metrics that are driving your business decisions, it’s time to decide how these should be measured. This could be achieved using A/B testing, analytics tools such as Google Analytics and KISSmetrics as and traditional marketing automation tools such as Hubspot CRM and Adobe Campaign Manager.

Digital marketing is a smart way to connect with your clients and create an association with them. It is an excellent opportunity to reach out to new customers as well as increase the size of your company. We believe you can create an effective digital marketing campaign to drive revenue and customer satisfaction if you use this suggestion.


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