The Best Restaurants in Rochester to Try This Weekend

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Looking for fun things to do in Rochester NY this weekend? You can always check out the Planetarium, the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, the Little Theater, or the Geva Theatre for some Rochester fun. If you’re tired of these old spots though (which is pretty difficult considering the fact that they have rotating exhibits), then why not find some new favorite Rochester restaurants?

To help you please your stomach and yourself, here are a few of the best Rochester restaurants that you might be unawares of!

The Best Garbage Plate.

Most locals savagely defend their town’s hots place as having the best garbage plate, but you might reconsider your loyalties after trying Dogtown’s. A staple of Monroe Avenue, Dogtown is one of the best Rochester restaurants that features a delicious garbage plate amongst their menu of gourmet hot dogs.

The Best Barbecue.

Everyone knows about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which originated in Syracuse, but for a real taste of great barbecue, no Rochester restaurants can hold a candle to Sticky Lips. One of the best items on their menu is the Pittsburg Sandwich, which is your choice of meat slapped between two thick cuts of cornbread, with plenty of mustard coleslaw and fries to boot.

The Best Wings.

Rochesterians are almost as fierce about wings as Buffalonians, and there’s no better spot to get your deep fried hot wings than Jeremiah’s Tavern. For over two decades, Jeremiah’s has pleased the city with their award-winning wings. They also have a huge selection of beers on tap, which lets you pick the perfect brew to accompany your spicy bar food.

The Best Pizza.

Nothing beats a night in with a nice, hot pizza, some friends, and good movies. There are plenty of pizzerias amongst the milieu of Rochester restaurants, but none come close to the Captain Tony’s on Winton road. One of the best specialty pies they have on the menu is the primavera, which comes complete with broccoli, red and green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and eggplant!

Hopefully now you that you know about all of these great Rochester restaurants, you’ve got some pretty ideas for fun things to do in Rochester NY over the weekend. If you have any other Rochester restaurants to suggest, feel free to share in the comments.

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