Five Ways Coupons and Daily Deals Can Help Grow Your Business

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It used to be that only the big national chain businesses could use the best advertising tools to their benefit. But the rise of the Internet has allowed for a great democratization of the entire marketplace, giving both large and small businesses an equal shot at catching a customer’s eye. It’s really all about who can make the biggest splash via the most appealing marketing.

One of the most successful strategies that’s come about for online marketing has been the implementation of daily coupon deals, led by deal of the day-centric websites like Groupon. Essentially, these sites offer exclusive discounts for their customers via online or email promotions that are good for anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. These coupons deals have led to huge increases in business as well as brand visibility for these companies. But how? These quick facts might help.

Coupons prompt people to spend money.

It’s basic advertising: If customers have an incentive to buy something, they’ll probably buy it. In fact, nearly 18% of the total business for all online small businesses in the next year will be generated from consumers acquiring promotions from online coupon deals. That means your company has a chance to build some longtime fans every time you offer up an exclusive coupon or a daily discount.

Daily deals keep customers coming back.

Speaking of gaining some new fans, 43% of consumers will buy a daily deal from a company they’ve purchased from before. Whenever you send out a coupon or some kind of discount, you’re telling your customer base that you’re a keeper. Take the Rochester Zoo, for example. How often do you go to the zoo? Probably once a year or something, right? But if you had a coupon that incentivized you to return soon (and bring a friend at a discount), you might say yes simply because you saw the e-vite in your inbox.

Satisfied customers make great brand ambassadors.

When you bring your friend to the Rochester Zoo because you have a coupon for free admission, you’ve become a marketer’s dream: a brand evangelist. You’ve spread the good word about that particular business to your people, and now they’ve come to experience it for themselves. In fact, customers who get recommended to take advantage of a local business deal by family and friends are 50% more likely to do it. Additionally, 54% will share the deal with others when they’re satisfied.

More people are going local.

As we mentioned before, local small businesses have an immediate advantage over big retailers when it comes to local deal discounts. Picture it this way: You’ve been wanting to try a new restaurant, but you’re hesitant (understandably) because you’re unsure of what to expect. When you can try a new experience at a discount, you’re automatically more likely to go for it because you don’t have as much to lose.

Studies show that most local coupon deals are for food joints, travel destinations and spa or beauty getaways. But don’t worry, Rochester Zoo, customers won’t forget you, either. As long as you keep the cool deals coming in, that is.

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