Visit an Outdoor Market for a More Relaxing Shopping Experience

Rochester ny public market

On a typical day, more than 30 million Americans will head to the grocery store. While some of them are just looking to buy something quick for dinner, others might be stocking their shelves for the week ahead. Whatever the case may be, heading to the grocery store is hardly ever fun, even if you have found some local coupon deals that help cut costs. Grocery stores could have long lines and crowded aisles that make simply buying food a stressful time. Fortunately, the Rochester NY markets that are located outdoors provide a nice alternative.

While they might not have all of the amenities and brand names of grocery stores, Rochester NY markets provide lots of great items. And, perhaps most importantly, they are all fresh. Because all of the food that is sold at markets is brought in by local farmers and growers, it has never had to be shipped hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, which means it is always fresh. So whether someone is buying some fresh apples to get in the fall spirit or corn on the cob for a summer cookout, they will be sure to find tasty items at a farmer’s market.

Heading to the Rochester NY public markets is one of the most fun things to do in Rochester NY on a weekend when the sun is out. But the fun that people can have at the Rochester markets does not only have to do with getting tasty foods while enjoying the outdoors. More often than not, there are some arts and crafts that visitors can look at, games, and even some live music from time to time. Even the best grocery stores can’t compete with that sort of thing, especially on a nice day.

Although certain ares of Rochester have a big city feel, it is surrounded by lots of small towns and farm land. This means that fresh produce and other items are widely available, so the city can support lots of different farmer’s markets. The Monroe Village Farmers market, located on Monroe Ave, the Rochester Public Market on Union St., and the South Wedge Farmer’s Market at the corner of S. Clinton and Alexander, amongst others, are all great choices that offer something different. Spending a bit of time at all of the Rochester NY markets is a nice way for residents and visitors alike to spend some time taking in the city while putting off the need to head to the grocery store.

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