The More Permanent Side of Rochester Events

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Choosing events in Rochester NY can sometimes be a daunting prospect. There are festivals and gatherings on nearly every single weekend in the summer—some on the scale of the Fringe Festival, Jazz Fest, and Lilac Festival, but many others are much more brief and contained. But even those events come and go, and can be difficult to keep track of. Luckily, some fun places in Rochester are much more permanent.

  • The Strong Museum of Play. Rochester families know and love the Strong for its interactive atmosphere and dedication to “learning through play”. Check out toys, boardgames, videogames, and general trends in fun throughout history, even if the weather outside is frightful.
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  • The Rochester Public Market. For community gatherings, nothing beats the Public Market Rochester NY citizens have come to know and love over the last century. And it just keeps getting bigger! You can get great deals on healthy food, sample local vendors, and catch a show or two by local performing artists and musicians.
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  • The Seneca Park Zoo. Many people know it as simply the Rochester zoo, but whatever you call it, it’s a guaranteed hit with everyone in your family. From polar bears to pachyderms and baboons to boa constrictors, the Seneca Park Zoo is a beloved fixture along the Genesee River.
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  • The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Classical music may be under economic attack in other parts of the country (and even other parts of New York State), but the RPO is still going strong. Concerts are held on Thursday and Saturday evenings, and run the gamut from classical to pops to comedian guest stars and broadway revues.

Whatever may come and go in the events calendar, there are always events in Rochester NY to see, hear, and experience. Be sure to catch the vibrantly changing festival scene, but don’t forget about the year-round events, right in your own backyard.


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