How Will You Save Money this Week? Three Tips for Great Rochester Discounts

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Did you know that people who live in the Northeast section of the U.S., which includes New York, are 66% more likely to use online coupons than anyone else in the country? If you are scouring the internet for Rochester coupons, it’s safe to say you’re not the only one. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the three best ways to get deals from places in Rochester. Good luck!

1. The Best Online Coupon Deals Site

You’ve seen a million pop ups for coupon sites, but what urls are the real deal? According to PCMag, one of the top websites available is There, you can search through over 20,000 stores for discounts. Right now there are 110 listed deals with “Rochester” in their title, and the site also features region nonspecific stores such as Target and Macy’s.

2. Rochester NY Public Market

If you’re looking to save money on your everyday purchases, you don’t always need a coupon to make it happen. The Rochester Public Market can be a great way to buy fresh produce and interesting foods for your family without having to pay the higher prices places like Tops or Wegmans might demand. Earlier in the summer, for example, red grapes were selling at one stall for $1.00 a pound. At a grocery store, grapes often sell for two to three times that price! Not only do you get a good deal, but you also help support local farmers and businesses. It is definitely an example of places in Rochester worth visiting.

3. Rochester Restaurant Coupons

If you want to go out without having to spend an arm and a leg, restaurant coupons are often the way to go. One great site for restaurant coupons is Groupon. For those unfamiliar with Groupon, the site cuts deals with local businesses that are looking for increased visibility. In exchange for foot traffic, the businesses give great deals on their food or services. Right now, for example, you can get 45% off seafood and steaks at Castaways in Webster if you buy a $16.50 coupon for their food.

What are your secrets to getting Rochester deals? Let us know in the comments!

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