How to Score the Best Deal in Town

You know those daily emails we all get? The ones marketed toward our specific region and localities promising half off deals to goods and services? One day it is an auto detail package for 50 bucks instead of $100; other days it is a haircut and color for $40 instead of $80. The types of services and goods offered are endless. Well, these daily deals offering online group bargains have seen better days. Largely, the biggest problem was that merchants were taking such a hit in their reduced price offerings that it almost did not make it worth their while. In addition, most of these merchants did not retain their new customer base in order to recoup some of their losses. So, as the popularity of these online group deal companies drifts off (as well as their stock prices), where do local consumers go for their Rochester NY coupons?

For a medium sized city that is home to a little more than 1 million people (according to 2010 census data that includes suburban population counts), Rochester NY, also known as the Flour City, boasts many activities, shopping options, and thousands of restaurants and services to which its inhabitants are seeking Rochester coupons. Online directories with a national presence provide access to deals, as do the websites of local establishments and local daily and weekly publications. For example, if a local Rochesterian is seeking a Rochester NY coupon for the pizza place down the street, chances are they can find it in their mailbox, local paper, or online. Conversely, if a local is seeking a Rochester NY coupon for a national chain, many online sources can yield a hit for those organizations as well.

The question is, does a Rochester NY coupon really save you money? The truth is, it really can. In fact, you can save a lot of money. The key with reaping the most from your Rochester NY coupon is to not be tempted to spend more than you need just to realize a savings. If you are shopping for a Rochester NY coupon for a specific product (not service), also keep in mind whether or not that Rochester NY coupon will save you more than if you were to buy a generic brand.


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