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How to Go Extreme Couponing

Rochester flea market

In a heavenly world, we’d get paid to shop for our favorite things, instead of us having to pay for them. Yet, extreme couponers claim to do just that–earn money shopping. If that sounds like a good thing to you, then with just a little time, organization, and the right Rochester coupons, you too can start hacking away at costs, and maybe even earn money back.

1. Finding Them.

Obviously to start couponing you’re going to need to find local coupon deals. Looking in the Democrat and Chronicle, City, and other local publications is a great way to find Rochester coupons. There are also online coupon deals for places in Rochester all over the web. Sign up for store emails, which may bloat your inbox, but will ultimately yield some excellent deals

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Three Fun Things to Do in Rochester That Won’t Rob Your Wallet

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Rochester is a cold city, and things are unlikely to warm up anytime soon. Now that the holidays have passed, many people are going to start getting the stir-crazy feeling that happens after you’ve sequestered yourself in a room with a space heater blowing right next to you, watching reruns on Netflix, for too many hours on end. Don’t worry — there is hope before spring finally hits us in June or July. Here are three fun things to do in Rochester NY that won’t rob your wallet this winter.

1. The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre is, without doubt, a city gem. Did you know it’s one of the oldest movie theaters in the entire U.S. to still be running? Even though The Little was established back in 1928, its old-time charm isn’t hampered by old-time dust or poor seating. What we like a

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