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Three Historical Things to See in Rochester, New York

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Beginning as the pioneering Young Lion of the West and then harvesting itself into first the Flour City then the Flower City, Rochester, New York is a place of variegated American history. Evidently, too, it is a land of multiple nicknames. The current one (Flower City) is a pleasant reminder that the city does, in fact, see a vibrant season of life in the spring and summer months — and hefty heaps of snow the rest of the year.

Regardless of its oft-frigid, oft-temperate climate, Rochester is able to boast being the burial place for two prominent civil rights leaders, an important distinction that does not go without celebration. Couple this with a hearty brewery and the headquarters one of the most revolutionary companies of the 20th century and you have a decent beginner’s take on Rochester. If you’r

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