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Have a Blast Any Weekend in Rochester

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The third-largest city in New York, Rochester and its surrounding suburbs boast a rich and diverse population of over one million people. If you think that there aren’t many things to do in Rochester NY this weekend, you’re probably just not paying enough attention. Of course, there are tons of local food coupons to a number of Rochester coupons that you and your friends could easily take advantage of.

Chances are however that you may have missed some of the best chances for a good time during your time in the city. Many of these fun opportunities have probably been staring you in the face for years. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Rochester NY this weekend, or you want to plan ahead for later on in the year, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention.

  • The Jazz Fest
    One of

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Amazing Local Deals That Your Family Can Enjoy

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It’s easy to understand why someone living in Rochester may want to put their city down from time to time. New York State is huge. On one hand, you’ve got amazing cities like New York and Buffalo. On the other, there the Adirondack Mountains, Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of Rochester deals waiting to be found.

Whether you’re looking for a few Rochester NY coupons, or just a fun thing to do on a weekend, you may be pleasantly surprised at what the states third-largest city has to offer at any given moment.

  • The Movies! – It’s no secret that Rochester is home to some fantastic movie theaters. But what if you’re not in the mood for mainstream movies? Suppose you want a little culture or class to go with your afternoon? O

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Three Historical Things to See in Rochester, New York

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Beginning as the pioneering Young Lion of the West and then harvesting itself into first the Flour City then the Flower City, Rochester, New York is a place of variegated American history. Evidently, too, it is a land of multiple nicknames. The current one (Flower City) is a pleasant reminder that the city does, in fact, see a vibrant season of life in the spring and summer months — and hefty heaps of snow the rest of the year.

Regardless of its oft-frigid, oft-temperate climate, Rochester is able to boast being the burial place for two prominent civil rights leaders, an important distinction that does not go without celebration. Couple this with a hearty brewery and the headquarters one of the most revolutionary companies of the 20th century and you have a decent beginner’s take on Rochester. If you’r

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Three Fun Things to Do in Rochester with Your Kids

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Have you ever been stumped when it comes to thinking about what you could do to on the weekend? As much as sitting around looking for online coupon deals can be, sometimes it pays to take the kids out an have a little fun. Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do in Rochester NY this weekend if you have children.

There are tons of places in Rochester that are kid friendly, and some of them may actually surprise you in terms of what they can offer!

  • Lollypop Farm
    Operated by the Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County, this extensive facility is for more than just animal adoptions. It could offer your child a chance to learn about many different kinds of pets and farm animals. Providing more hands-on experience than even the Rochester zoo could provide, this could be one

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