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Five Ways Coupons and Daily Deals Can Help Grow Your Business

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It used to be that only the big national chain businesses could use the best advertising tools to their benefit. But the rise of the Internet has allowed for a great democratization of the entire marketplace, giving both large and small businesses an equal shot at catching a customer’s eye. It’s really all about who can make the biggest splash via the most appealing marketing.

One of the most successful strategies that’s come about for online marketing has been the implementation of daily coupon deals, led by deal of the day-centric websites like Groupon. Essentially, these sites offer exclusive discounts for their customers via online or email promotions that are good for anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. These coupons deals have led to huge increases in business as well as brand visibility f

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Fun Activities to Experience in Your Hometown

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For people in Rochester fun activities and events are always coming down the path. According to, a number of people are looking forward to the return of ‘The Nutcracker’ at the historic Eastman Theatre. It will be the 15th year that the historic holiday ballet will be performed by the Rochester Philharmonic and Rochester City Ballet will be performed for local residents.

Opening on Friday, November 29, this amazing show could provide people in Rochester fun not just for the time that they see it on stage, but for years afterwords. The great news for local residents is that there are tons of other fun things to do in Rochester NY. reported on November 21 how people are also eagerly awaiting the local Webster Turkey Trot run. Nearly 6,000 people are expected

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Three Reasons to Check Out the Public Market

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If you’re googling “things to do Rochester NY,” you’re going to see a long list of amazing stuff around town to do. You’re likely to get a lot of Rochester restaurants, which are delicious, local, and affordable, but why not try something different? If you’re looking for Rochester things to do this weekend, why not try going to the Rochester NY public market, picking up some fresh produce, and cooking up a delicious, locally grown meal?

If you’ve never considered heading to the Rochester NY public market, here are a few great reasons to consider a little jaunt there this weekend.

1. Help local farmers.

If you spend your money in the community, it’ll stay there, unlike if you shop at a large commercial grocer. By buying produce from the Rochester NY public market, you support the local

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You Can Get Great Deals at the Rochester Public Market

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If you live in the Finger Lakes region, you’re looking for fun things to do in Rochester, and you’ve got shopping in mind, you would do well to consider going to the Rochester NY Public Market.

There’s no need for daily coupon deals at the Public Market. Whether you’re buying fresh produce or you’re looking for inexpensive winter jackets, you’re sure to find some of the most competitive prices around. And because the market is open year-round, you don’t have to worry about trying to find better bargains elsewhere.

But why are the prices so reasonable? When it comes to the produce specifically, it has a lot do with the fact that the fruits and vegetables are typically sold by the farmers who grow them. This means there is no need for an additional mark-up, and there is no distributor. The food is

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