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Three of the Top Attractions in Rochester that Everyone Should Check Out

Did you know that there are approximately 700 different Rochester restaurants in New York? Everything from Ethiopian to BBQ is available in this small yet lively city. There are many things to see, places to eat at, and festivals to attend in Rochester. Here are three things you should definitely put on your list of Rochester things to do this weekend.

1. The Rochester Zoo, also known as the Seneca Park Zoo, is a hidden gem of the city. Although it is smaller than other zoos in adjacent cities, what this zoo lacks in size it makes up for in great exhibit design and animal selection. This zoo has everything from polar bears to African elephants to lions, with many species in between.

Two things you should not miss? The underwater exhibit that shows you polar bears and sea lions in their natural habitat, and the summer Zoo Brew, in which adults can pay to attend the zoo on Friday night and drink beer while watching primates duke it out.

2. The Rochester Public Market is a must on the

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